The Hong Kong Electronics Fair was unprecedented, and the strength of the diversified product line of the West Shnit De Aipu was praised

The Hong Kong Electronics Fair was unprecedented, and the strength of the diversified product line of the West Shnit De Aipu was praised

From April 18th to 21st, the annual event 2024 of the global technology industry, the Hong Kong Global Resources Consumer Electronics Show, was grandly staged in Hong Kong, attracting 3900 booths and 2000 verified exhibitors from all over the world. At this grand gathering of science and technology, Sixunited Intelligent unveiled popular PC products and solutions such as business, consumer, standard case, education, games, industrial control, servers, AI, etc. to share cutting-edge business wisdom and scientific and technological strength with a number of high-quality ODM/OEM manufacturers to create win-win development opportunities.

In the palm of the universe, a new experience of playing games

Among many innovative products, the series of game products such as six-link intelligent game console, game notebook, chassis and graphics card expansion dock are undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching star products. Among them, the game console with excellent hardware configuration and smooth game experience, and support for a variety of game platforms, allowing players to enjoy the fun of the game anytime, anywhere. The gaming notebook takes into account the portability and high performance, providing players with a richer choice of games. In addition, Sixunited Intelligent also introduced accessories such as chassis and graphics card expansion dock, creating a full range of game experience for game lovers.

Zhao Hong, General Manager of ODM Business Department of Intel China, visited the booth

Yan Tao, General Manager of Intel China Client Technical Support Experience Game Handset

AI PC New Products Arrival, Leading AI Computing Era with Innovation

Another focus at the exhibition is non-AI PC. The six-link intelligent AI PC integrates advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and localized large language models to provide users with an unprecedented intelligent service experience. Whether it is accurate speech recognition, efficient image recognition, or smooth natural language processing, AI PC can easily cope with, showing a powerful intelligent computing power.

It is worth mentioning that on April 19 during the exhibition, Sixunited Intelligence also held an AI PC conference based on Intel Core Ultra processor in Hong Kong. It launched a blockbuster AI full-scene hardware solution such as local end, edge end and cloud, launched a rich product line covering notebook, Mini PC, game handset, all-in-one machine, tablet, workstation, server, etc., and demonstrated the application of self-developed AI assistant, leading a new era of AI computing with technological innovation, depicting infinite possibilities for future intelligent life.

Smart industry solutions, driving industry intelligent transformation and upgrading

With the profound changes in the industrial 4.0 in various industries, smart industry solutions have become an important trend in the new round of industrial development. At the exhibition site, Sixunited Intelligence can bring a series of smart industry solutions, covering smart industry, smart education, smart retail and other fields. In the field of smart industry, six-link intelligent industrial control motherboards, reinforced notebooks, industrial tablets, industrial control computers, etc. constitute a powerful digital base, and provide comprehensive, diversified and flexible ODM customization services to meet the needs of various fields for industrial control computer products. Personalization and specialization needs, accelerate the sustainable development of industrial enterprises.

In the field of intelligent education, six-link intelligent education notebook, tablet, OPS, electronic whiteboard, live computer and other intelligent education products have created a multi-dimensional interactive education ecology, greatly improved the quality and efficiency of education and teaching with personalized learning experience, and continuously led the global digital education reform. In the field of smart retail, multi-form products such as six-link smart cash register, self-service all-in-one machine, retail box, reinforced tablet, handheld terminal, smart logistics terminal, digital signage, etc. cover all aspects of supply chain management, smart store, storage logistics, precision marketing, etc., fully meet the use requirements of supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores and other application scenarios, and help smart retail enterprises to realize digital and integrated management of stores.


As a technology leader that has participated in the Hong Kong Global Resources Consumer Electronics Show for many times, Sixunited Intelligence once again made a brilliant appearance this time. It not only demonstrated the company's new round of technological achievements and outstanding innovation capabilities, but also profoundly explained the company's future. The unique insights and forward-looking vision in the wave of technological development. In the future, Sixunited Intelligence will uphold the concept of continuous exploration and innovation, bring more outstanding and forward-looking products and services to users around the world, and write an excellent "answer sheet" of smart technology with an innovative pen ".