Smart Retail

Sixunited Intelligent integrates multi-form products and intelligent terminals such as industrial main board, intelligent cash register, self-service all-in-one machine, retail box, reinforced tablet, handheld terminal, intelligent logistics terminal, etc. to create an intelligent retail solution covering the integration of hardware, software and service, and realize the digital management of the whole process from entering stores, visiting stores, closing, promotion, re-purchase, logistics and after-sales. Comprehensively reconstruct the three elements of "people, goods and markets", enhance the shopping experience of consumers with science and technology, improve the efficiency of store operation and customer turnover rate, and make retail smarter and more controllable.

Application areas

Smart snack solutions cover supply chain management, smart stores, warehousing and logistics, precision marketing and other aspects, fully meet the needs of supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, specialty stores, cafes, restaurants and other application scenarios, and help smart retail enterprises to realize digital and integrated management of stores.


With the help of innovative technologies such as face recognition, big data and cloud computing, we can get through online and offline data precipitation, build global portraits such as consumer purchase frequency and preferences, and realize accurate marketing. The marketing method of omni-channel coverage breaks the time and space constraints of traditional retail, making it more convenient for customers to understand and purchase. At the same time, it can also use sensing technology and edge computing to monitor store passenger flow and abnormal conditions in real time to realize intelligent management of the whole process of stores.