Intelligent industry

Relying on many years of experience in design and research in the industrial control industry, Liulian Intelligent has launched one-stop industrial control industry solutions such as industrial control motherboard, shelf-mounted industrial control computer, industrial control box, industrial HMI, etc. And provide all-round, diversified and flexible ODM customization services to meet the personalized and specialized needs of industrial computer products in various fields, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and promote the new vitality of the industrial control market.

Application areas

Widely used in retail, automation control, enterprise office, Internet of Things, smart medical, digital signage, machine vision, motion control, video processing, rail transit, data collection and other fields.


High-performance configurations and rich interface configurations can meet intensive AI-accelerated inference computing applications and easily meet the individual needs of customers in different industries. As well as good shockproof, anti-magnetic, dustproof, waterproof, anti-impact and other characteristics, with the ability to work for a long time in a variety of harsh environments, can adapt to various types of complex manufacturing environment equipment integration and expansion.