Sixunited's Xinchuang products shine at the China Education Equipment Exhibition, demonstrating the strength of domestic science and technology

Sixunited's Xinchuang products shine at the China Education Equipment Exhibition, demonstrating the strength of domestic science and technology

From April 19th to 21st, the 2024 China Educational Equipment Exhibition came to a successful conclusion in Chongqing, attracting educators, industry experts and representatives of technology companies from all over the country. As one of the highlights of this exhibition, Sixunited Intelligent presented domestic innovative products and solutions such as education book, business book, standard book, tablet, Mini PC, chassis, all-in-one machine, etc., demonstrating the innovative strength of domestic science and technology in the field of education.

With the in-depth implementation of the national information technology application innovation strategy, domestic products have gradually become an important force to promote the modernization of education and improve the quality of education. As a leading intelligent education enterprise in China, Sixunited Intelligent actively responds to the call of the state, devotes itself to the development and promotion of domestic Xinchuang products, and provides safe, reliable and efficient information solutions for the education industry.

At this exhibition, the educational, business and standard books exhibited by Sixunited Intelligent are all equipped with domestic chips, which are not only excellent in performance, but also safe and controllable, and can meet the diversified needs of the education industry. These products not only have a thin and portable design, but also have powerful computing power and rich functions, providing educators and students with a more convenient and efficient learning and work experience.

In addition, Sixunited Intelligent also demonstrated a series of products such as tablets, Mini PCs, chassis and all-in-one machines. Through innovative design and technical optimization, it has achieved a perfect balance between performance and price. These products are not only suitable for the field of education, but also can be widely used in business office, home entertainment and other scenarios, bringing users a more colorful application experience.

It is worth mentioning that the domestic letter creation solution jointly created by Sixunited Intelligent and Zhaoxin also appeared in this exhibition. These solutions address the real needs of the education industry and provide a full range of support from hardware to software, from infrastructure to application systems. By adopting domestic chips and self-developed software systems, it not only improves the security and controllability of education informatization, but also reduces operating costs, and injects new impetus into the sustainable development of the education industry.

During the exhibition, the six intelligent booth attracted a large number of visitors to stop to visit and exchange. Many educators and industry experts have expressed strong interest and high recognition of Sixunited Intelligent's domestic Xinchuang products, believing that these products are not only innovative and practical, but also demonstrate the independent innovation capabilities of Chinese technology companies.

The successful holding of the China Educational equipment Exhibition not only provides a platform for Sixunited Intelligence to display domestic Xinchuang products and solutions, but also makes greater contributions to promoting the modernization of education and improving the quality of education. In the future, Sixunited Intelligence will continue to work with leading domestic chip companies such as Zhaoxin to continuously help the popularization and application of the domestic letter creation industry, and inject more vitality and power into my country's science and technology industry.