At the 2023 World Government Summit in Dubai, Cao Yalian, Chairman of Sixunited Intelligence, attended on behalf of Chinese unicorn enterprises.

At the 2023 World Government Summit in Dubai, Cao Yalian, Chairman of Sixunited Intelligence, attended on behalf of Chinese unicorn enterprises.

From February 13 to February 15, local time, the 2023 World Government Summit was held in Dubai, UAE. With the theme of "shaping the future government", the summit brought together more than 20 national leaders, representatives of more than 150 countries, more than 250 government officials and business leaders to open up a new vision of government management and work together to create a better future. Cao Yalian, chairman of Liulian Intelligence, was invited to participate in the summit as a representative of Chinese unicorn enterprises and made important sharing to promote collaborative innovation in future government policy tools, resource allocation and industrial agglomeration.




Effective government investment, driving industry, science and technology, talent gathering

The World Government Summit is an annual event held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, bringing together leaders and experts in a variety of fields and has become an important platform for policymakers, thought leaders and innovators to share their ideas and experiences. At the round table forum on February 13, Cao Yalian, chairman of Liulian intelligent, and representatives of Africa and Egypt had a wonderful discussion on how the government can make effective investment and promote the gathering of industry, science and technology and talents. He said that based on the regional economy and advantageous industries, regional governments need to use high-tech and high-quality industries such as information technology, new materials, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, and biomedicine as the entry point, and use production to promote production. Establish industrial clusters and further create highlands for technological and industrial innovation.



Cao Yalian (left), chairman of Liulian Intelligent, with the Minister of Economy

Cultivate and introduce unicorn enterprises to help the regional economy take off

At the group sharing meeting on February 15, Cao Yalian, chairman of Liulian Intelligence, answered one by one questions about the development needs and cultivation environment of unicorn enterprises by governments of various countries. He said that as the number of unicorn enterprises gradually became a reflection of national or regional economic trends, more and more countries or governments began to focus on cultivating and introducing unicorn enterprises with strong independent growth and "hard core" technology, as a world-class solution service provider for consumer electronics and industrial interconnection two-wheel drive, Liulian Intelligence has actively explored the market with a global perspective and received strong support from the government during its growth. It is mainly divided into the following three points:

optimization of regional industrial structure

Regional governments fully support leading enterprises in various industries represented by Liulian Intelligence, and take the lead in building a resource and technology sharing platform to accelerate the gathering of upstream and downstream enterprises, promote the deep integration of small and medium-sized enterprises into the supply chain, and continue to empower the regional economy.

Encourage technological innovation

With the acceleration of economic globalization, regional governments continue to strengthen cooperation, increase service guidance, and extensively deploy key laboratories, industrial bases, technology research institutes, innovation centers, high-tech incubation bases, etc., continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovation, and establish A sound intellectual property protection system has laid the institutional foundation for technology companies to charge the forefront of the world.

construction of industrial ecological chain

In order to promote the coordinated development of technological research, industrialization of achievements, science and technology finance, and talent support in various fields, regional governments have built perfect industrial clusters and industrial ecological chains, creating a fair and just market competition environment for industrial Internet and digital economic infrastructure.


Participating in this summit has comprehensively accelerated the pace of Liulian Intelligent Globalization, further promoted the leap of enterprise innovation technology and supply chain resources, and then promoted the construction of an open world economy. In the future, Liulian Intelligence will aim at the needs of global development strategies, continue to carry out technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation, enhance core competitiveness, meet market demand, and charge the forefront of the world with an enterprising attitude. shape a globalized scientific and technological intelligent future lifestyle.